Youth Achieving Moral Maturity (YAMM)

Youth Achieving Moral Maturity (YAMM) is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring, education, and entrepreneurship programs to youth in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. YAMM's mission is to "close the gap in advancement for youth by addressing building resiliency for poverty, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and combating hunger through education and human services."

YAMM's programs are designed to help youth develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life. YAMM's mentoring program pairs youth with adult mentors who can provide guidance and support. YAMM's education program provides tutoring and academic support to youth who need it. YAMM's entrepreneurship program teaches youth how to start and run their own businesses.

We were tapped by this non-profit to manage their Google Ads account to increase their website traffic and brand awareness. In addition, we designed their logo.

First, we had to understand YAMM's target audience, positioning, and messaging. Then, the task required creating and managing ad campaigns, setting budgets, and tracking results. This includes the ability to come up with original and engaging ad copy and creative assets. Along the way, the job required us to identify and solve problems related to Google Ads campaigns, such as low click-through rates or high costs. We also had to collect and analyze data to track the performance of campaigns and make necessary adjustments. Afterwards, we had to communicate the benefits of Google Ads and how to measure its success to YAMM's stakeholders.

  • Increased impressions by 70%
  • Increased clicks by 281%
  • Increased conversion rate by 125%
  • Increased click thru rate (CTR) by 4%.

Client: YAMM
Date: 2021 - 2022
Service: Pay Per Click (PPC)

Ms. Mitchell was given a monthly budget, never exceeding the budget with her created ads groups. She is a very loyal and resolute team member as well as an initiative-taker for any organization or company. Our organization is very satisfied . . . Her Google Ad groups have allowed us to further our works in our community to greater heights.

-Kamm Galloway, YAMM

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